HR Solutions to Benefit Your Business

It takes a significant amount of time to successfully run your business and manage all of your human resource needs. You may find yourself putting things on the “back burner” and frustrated that you never get to them. This is where HR Business Partners can help. We are experts in the human resource field and offer many services to make your life easier. Review the following questions and be honest with yourself when answering them. You may find you need some help.


Do you have a formal recruitment and selection process?

Having a formal recruitment and selection process helps you maintain consistency while hiring employees. You want to ensure that all applicants are treated the same to alleviate discrimination claims. The process starts with making sure your application is legal and ends when the employee starts the job. Are you being consistent in your recruitment and selection process?

Are you asking legal questions during the recruitment and selection process?

Often times we go about interviewing candidates and don’t even think about the questions we ask. But we need to stop and think – are the questions legal? Did you know you cannot ask an applicant, “how does your husband feel about you working here?” Or, “what organizations or societies do you belong to?” Or you may have graduated from high school together, but don’t ask, “what was your maiden name?” These are questions that are asked everyday – but did you know they are illegal? Make sure you don’t end up in a discrimination suit because you asked a simple question. Let HR Business Partners help.

Do you have time to recruit?

If you find yourself without enough time or don’t know where to start with the recruiting process, HR Business Partners can help! To find the person with the right skills who fits your culture takes time and is a difficult task to do. We take the time to focus on the key job skills and understand your culture, ensuring a perfect match every time. Remember: you want the best. Employees represent your business and can be your competitive advantage.

Employment Laws

Are you in compliance with State and Federal Employment Laws?

With the hundreds of regulations and laws changing daily, how can you keep up with it all? You may be out of compliance and not even know it. Whether it is the Civil Rights Act, FMLA, ADA, FSLA, ERISA, OSHA, or others, changes happen every day. You don’t want to find your business out of compliance because it could cost you a lot of time and money. Let HR Business Partners conduct an audit to determine your risks and help you implement corrective actions.

Policies and Posters

Do you have policies in place and your posters up?

Development of policies is essential for a business. In fact, if you have an employee manual, you are legally required to have certain policies such as Equal Opportunity Employment, Harassment, FMLA, among others. And did you know you are required to have legal posters displayed in an area accessible by employees and applicants? It’s true. Let us help you get into compliance so you aren’t violating the law.

Employee Manual

Do you have an Employee Manual?

You may think it’s not necessary to have an employee manual, but having one is a must! An employee manual outlines your policies and procedures such as work-rules, disciplinary actions, benefits and safety which can protect you against costly ligation. If you need one developed or want your current one reviewed, HR Business Partners can help. We make sure your company’s handbook is legal and a fit for your business needs.

Job Descriptions

Do you have job descriptions?

You may think you do not need job descriptions because you only have a few employees. However, it doesn’t matter how many employees you have. In order to comply with the Americans With Disability Act, you must have job descriptions detailing the essential functions and physical requirements of the job. If you don’t have them or need them updated, engage us to help. You don’t want to find yourself in an audit without them.


Are your employees classified correctly as hourly or salaried employees?

What’s the difference between an exempt and non-exempt employee? It’s a tough question but getting the answer wrong could cost you big money, either in court or dealing with state and federal administrative agencies. Misclassify an employee as exempt and later if the employee leaves - he or she may march down to the state wage and hour division and file a claim for hundreds, even thousands of hours in back overtime pay. You can’t afford to have that happen. The good news is such penalties can be avoided with the help of HR Business Partners.

Do you have competitive wage and salary ranges?

Do you have established wage and salary ranges and are you competitive in the marketplace? If not, you may have turn-over or a hard time recruiting the best candidates for the job. This costs you time and money! All businesses should have wage and salary ranges to be consistent, competitive, and in compliance with the federal and state laws. Let us conduct wage surveys and establish the wage ranges to ensure your wages are competitive in the marketplace.

Performance Reviews

Are you conducting effective performance reviews?

You are busy running your business. You may find you don’t have the time or want to conduct performance reviews. Your form may be generic and not a fit for your business. If you find yourself in this scenario, we can help. Let HR Business Partners develop an effective and efficient performance review form that’s a fit for your business. This will help you effectively document performance in a short amount of time. If you want your business to grow, you need to grow your people. You can do this with an effective performance review process.

Employee Personnel Files

What’s in your employees’ personnel files?

Do you have a tendency to put everything related to an employee in their personnel file? If so, you may be violating the law. Did you know that certain types of employee information must be stored in a separate area than the employee’s personnel file? This is true. Find out what can and can’t be put in the employee’s personnel file by contacting HR Business Partners.

Healthcare and Wellness

Do your healthcare costs continue to skyrocket?

If you are like many businesses these days, your healthcare costs continue to escalate. What can you do to stop it? With over 12 years of experience in healthcare cost containment and wellness initiatives, we will assess and develop strategies to improve your employee health, productivity, and culture while reducing healthcare costs. Yes, HR Business Partners has experience reducing healthcare costs by as much at 30 percent in the first year. Let us help you improve your bottom-line!

Training and Development

Should you be training your employees to stay competitive?

You may not want to take time to train and develop your employees, but if you don’t, will it cost you in the long run? Are your competitors getting ahead of you by investing in their employees? You don’t want that to happen. Think about utilizing HR Business Partners to develop effective training programs to enhance your employees’ skills – making you more competitive. It may take time now – but if you don’t do it – will it cost you in the long run?

Other HR Needs

Do you need help in other human resource areas?

You may have needs not specifically discussed in this Services section. HR Business Partners can still help. With over 20 years of experience, we have expertise in all human resource areas. Whether it is developing a new HR department or changing a culture – we have done it. Contact us to get the help you need.